By TreeLiving Do you feel guilty while eating a piece of chocolate because of its adverse effects on your health? The good news is that this commonly notorious sweet delight can not only be good for your health but also can help save the environment when you eat it in the right form! Spring is the time for flowers, Easter festivities, hot cross buns and also for loads of chocolates. But those heavily packa ged chocolate eggs that are typically used every spring season are not very eco friendly in the long run. Truckloads of cardboard, paper and plastic products go into the packing of these chocolates. Also, the highly processed chocolate that you eat contains extra sugar, factory farmed milk and loads of vegetable milk – these are the typical ingredients used in the manufacturing of chocolates. There is a better and safer alternative. By opting for organic or raw chocolate, you consume a healthy product and also support a green practice! Raw chocolate is cocoa bean or nib of the bean in its natural state and it is neither cooked nor over processed or mixed with cheap filler ingredients. Raw chocolate is chocolate in its fresh and most natural form. It is also called cacao and is simply fused with a little coconut butter or agave syrup to give it flavor. Berries and nuts are also mixed with raw chocolates for an enhanced taste. All this without vegetable fat, milk or sugar goes into the making of these tasteful chocolates. Also, the chocolates are not heated above 42 degree C – the temperature point at which nutrients start to die. This process is eco friendly and reduces adverse environmental effects that are so typical in conventional chocolate production. The process used for packing these delicious, natural chocolates is also green. There is minimal packing involved and all material and labels are made from recycled paper. Most organizations involved in the production of raw chocolates use eco friendly methods from the beginning to the last stage of chocolate making. You can really go green and contribute your bit to saving the environment by opting for healthy raw chocolates. These nutritive and safe organic chocolates also make for nice gifts and all those who fear tooth decay or weight problems with consumption of chocolates can finally get over their apprehensions.

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