By TreeLiving The green planet that we live on has an abundance of herbs, fruits and natural medicines that have proved to be excellent for our health. Their use can also reduce our dependence on artificially prepared medicines and cosmetics that have harmful side effects. In turn they also reduce the environmental impact of their manufacturing. One of them is the Sea Buckthorn, which has been used in East ern traditional medicine for centuries. In the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, sea buckthorn berries are prescribed for relief from cough and to promote digestion and blood circulation. In Central Nepal, where not many people have access to modern medicine, sea buckthorn is among the medicinal plants with the widest spectra of use indications. These include cough, diarrhea, menstrual symptoms, and stomach disorders. This green plant is harvested in the period between August and September. Botanists recommend that sea buckthorn fruits should be harvested before the first frost settles – this is important to avoid the sudden depletion of Vitamin C that the fruit contains. If you follow a green lifestyle and are looking for eco friendly, alternative ways to stay healthy and beautiful, below are the health and cosmetic benefits of sea buckthorn which you might find useful. Rich in Vitamin C, sea buckthorn can naturally help in building resistance against cough, the common cold and other ailments caused by infection. Sea buckthorn is also an energizer, anti-anaemic, anti-inflammatory herb, and it also decreases appetite (for those trying to lose weight). It speeds up the recovery process after an illness, is a good coronary protector and can also slow down the aging process. Sea buckthorn oil is a natural cosmetic product that promotes proper cellular function and helps to maintain beautiful hair, skin and nails. By creating collagen, it helps to reduce the impact of aging on skin. Keeping the skin wrinkle and blemish free is possible with regular use of sea buckthorn oil. You do not need all that make up and mineral oil based creams and lotions when you use the right herbal products for healthy skin and hair. Sea buckthorn oil has omega fatty acids that are rather essential for healthy skin, strong, smooth nails, and lustrous hair. It is one of the best natural beauty products available today. Research by ecologists has helped the world discover numerous natural products that can be used for healthy living. If you care for the planet and your health, choose natural products like sea buckthorn instead of wasting money on artificial, toxic products that do just the opposite.

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