CORONA, Calif., Jan. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — BookMerge Technology, Inc (OTCBB: BRKM), a leading pioneer in the alternative fuel industry targeting the multi-billion dollar diesel fuel market; announced today that it has launched a new product line generated from the waste from Extreme BioDiesel product line.

Extreme BioDiesel has developed a new, more profitable u se for its waste product, raw glycerin. The new product has already been tested and utilized in the loading, transportation and delivery of concrete and asphalt construction products. The new glycerin product has demonstrated that is a better lubrication of concrete and asphalt forms for finished landscape products and roads.

"We are again happy to continue our research and produce a new product that provides a new customer base with a better product that saves them money, creates another profit center for ourselves and promotes a green alternative to existing product," say Richard Carter, CEO. Contract negotiations are ongoing with existing companies for the wide distribution of the product.

About BookMerge Technology, Inc.

BookMerge Technology is an alternative fuel and recycling company. The company''s mission is to provide a cost effective, high quality alternative diesel fuel, create Green Jobs, reduce the environmental impact of fossil fuels and diminish U.S. reliance on foreign oil. BookMerge Technology acquired Extreme Green Technologies, dba Extreme Biodiesel to fulfill that mission. Extreme Biodiesel is a fully licensed and permitted Biodiesel producer operating in Corona, Ca. Our facility has been operating since Jan 2008, producing biodiesel fuel, manufacturing personal biodiesel processors and the recently added restaurant brown grease recycling service.

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