Bird watching is an enjoyable activity to do with the whole family; you can spend some time together and learn about the different species and their behavior. Through cities,

downtown and countryside, there are hundreds of birds that died every fall due to the lack of food. You can change that and build up a feeder on the backyard or the garden to help them and also enjoy what the

y are. If you place a bird feeder, you will be creating a connection with nature. So, here we give you different ways to create your own feeder with a little of imagination and creativity.

To start, you have to make sure you are about to use eco-friendly materials. Bird feeders are among those things people start to do when they decide to go green, and that is amazing! It is a very eco-friendly activity and construction. Renewable resources are important and we do not have to forget this while building our feeder.

You can build it in different shapes and sizes. It is very simple and you will need just a few tools. You can use pine cones to create the feeder. It is better if they are hard and very dry. You just have to tie some strings to the pine cones and hang it outdoors on a branch. Then, you can smear with peanut in the spaces of the pine cones and roll it in birdseed. Always use the pine cones that have fallen from the trees. Another option is to use a bottle of juice or a jug of milk. Try to cut out an open and make sure that the birds can get the feeder. Tie some strings to hang it and do not forget to put a stick so birds have a place to stand while eating. You can paint it and it will look prettier. Other materials are welcomed like flower strings, recyclable colorful paper and more.

When you go hiking, you can try collecting some wood and make your own bird feeder with it. It is important to feed them with fresh food. Also, you should learn about the species which visit your feeder and that way you will be able to look up for their favorite food. If many different species are coming to your feeder on the backyard, the main foods to give them are grains, nuts, seeds or fruit. While cleaning your bird feeder, use gloves and an anti-bacterial soap. Besides, you can put a bird bath so they will find the perfect habitat in your garden and it is a lovely decoration.

Finally, you can work with your children and share an ecologic activity. Take advantage of the situation and teach them about bird species, the importance of the environment and have a moment with Nature. These bird feeders are super easy and you will enjoy it a lot.

Moreover, you can let them decorate the milk or juice box when finished. Remember to wash out the carton before starting. Good luck!

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