Before all the industrial products to scent the house we have nowadays, people used to prepare fragrance at home and use different techniques. Why should we go back to that when we have them ready to use at the supermarket gondola shelving? Easy, the sprays we find at a supermarket have a negative impact on the environment. Natural fragrances can avoid pollution and they are very easy to prepare. You will only need a few materials and some recipients.

If you are late to work and you do not have the enough time to clean the house, just a spritz or two of pine cleaner will give unexpected visitors the impression that you worked all day long. If you came back late from work and your family is expecting the dinner, you can cook an onion in a little oil to give them the signal that the dinner is coming though this incredible aroma. To scent the whole house during the day, add to a pot of water your favorite combination of spices, cloves, peels, extracts and simmer it on the stove. The simmering water is always a great option because you can add any fragrant to a pot of water and the aroma is very lingering, pleasant and rich.

There are many ways to scent the house naturally and they are very cheap and simple.  To absorb the bad smells, you should put a bowl full of vinegar in a room and let it sit. The vinegar works great doing this, try it! For the bathroom, you can try putting cotton balls into essential oils. You will only need your favorite essence, cotton and a plastic bowl. The container should be nice to create an elegant home design, eco-friendly home design. Flowers will always be a great choice for natural scent. You can try eucalyptus, cinnamon, basil or rosemary. Just put them on a flowerpot and forget about freshening because they will do all the work. But, do not forget to change them after a while.

Candle diffusers are great. They work with oils and a candle into a dish on top. Also, take into account that a bowl with coffee beans will help to eliminate odors. Another option is to boil cinnamon sticks and cloves in a pot of water and let it warm. The vapor it emits will let a delicious fragrance in your house. Do not forget to set a bowl full of fruits (limes, lemons, oranges) because they look really nice and fresh the room.

The choices, the options and the ways are endless. You need some imagination and creativeness. Try natural fragrances and you will be contributing to the environment.


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