Many people don’t realize that the brand name cosmetics they use on a daily basis, like lipstick, mascara and even deodorants, are tested on animals before they are released on the market. If you’re wondering why that’s a big deal, you’re in for a shock.

Animal abuse
Lab animals like rabbits and mice are routinely used by brand-name companies to find out whether the ingredients they plan to use are poisonous, can cause blindness, can cause chemical burns or a long list of other torturous results. These ingredients are force fed to the lab animals or force-dripped onto their skin and eyes. The test results are often not conclusive predictors for the effects of the ingredients on humans, but many companies still use them.

Alternatives to animal testing
Testing for product safety is important. But the methods used for animal testing date back to the 1920s. And today there are newer and more accurate tests available that don’t require the use of live animals. For example, thanks to computer modeling programs, virtual human organs can be digitally created and tested, yielding results that are much more statically accurate than with animal testing.

How to find cruelty free cosmetics
Although there are no laws in the U.S. that prohibit companies from testing on living animals, fortunately, people are becoming much more aware of these abusive practices. Concerned consumers are demanding cruelty free products and a growing number of manufacturers are listening.

A coalition of 9 animal protection agencies from around the world have created a voluntary standard for products that are ‘not tested on animals’. There is a growing list of cosmetics companies that have chosen to adhere to these standards. You can find the list at or It includes such well-known natural cosmetics companies as Arbonne, Aubrey Organics, Beauty without Cruelty, Christine Valmy, Green Girl Basics, Kiss My Face and Mary Kay and many more. When you make the decision to buy from companies that make cruelty free cosmetics, you are giving your support to a more compassionate planet.

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