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Eco-dentistry or green dentistry how it is also called is when the dentist’s practice makes use of environmentally friendly dental technology. Eco-dentistry is basically a term which has been coined by the Eco Dentistry Association, with its headquarters in the state of California.


The association promotes the use of dental technology that is less polluting, and constant innovation is also a motto the association likes to adhere to.

The advanced tools and general dental equipment that is used in the dental offices also help a better, easier and more precise diagnosis. Such is the digital radiography that is releasing a much smaller amount of radiation (90% less radiation than traditional X-rays).

Then, the traditional dental X-rays use a set of chemicals that are quite harmful for the health of the patient. Digital radiography on the other hand, does not make use of these chemicals, and diagnosis can be made much quicker since the images are readily available, in an instant.

Biodegradable products are also part of a correct green dentistry practice. The disinfectant, the sterilization materials, or any germicidal components make use of such biodegradable materials. Thus, toxic chemical vapor and hazardous waste from the dental officers is minimized efficiently.

Then, eco-dentistry is a huge proponent of using less heavy metal in the field of tooth restoration. Instead, dentists should use lumineers, crowns, porcelain veneers, and totally avoid silver amalgam fillings for example. Thus, metal waste will be reduced and these will not get into the supply water and pollute it.

The use of energy efficient lighting systems (such as the fluorescent lights) or energy efficient driers is yet another way of staying environmentally friendly in a dental office. In order to minimize the usage of paper made supplies, some dentists opt for clothing that is completely washable (such as gowns or the head covers).

It is important to know that the Eco-Dental Association is the one that can offer the dentist a certification proving that he/she has reached the top standards in green dentistry practice. This certification is called GreenDOC, and there are several tiers available such as bronze, silver or gold tiers. The type of certification that one dentist receives highly depends on the effort the dentist is making to maintain the “green” practices in his office.

Therefore, from now on you as a patient and environmentalist person have also got yet another criterion upon which to select your dentist:

Does he/she have a GreenDOC certification or not?

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