There are many ways to be eco-friendly; however, most individuals and families alike do not think of being eco-friendly in the car-washing department. There are many benefits to eco-friendly car washing such as water saving, gas, time, and money, as well.

Typically, your local car wash facility will use loads more water and detergent as you drive your vehicle through for its weekly bath. Car washing does not have to be expensive or time consuming. Moreover, knowing that you will benefit the environment by washing your own vehicle makes it all worthwhile. In addition, there are many other benefits to washing your own car, as well.

The Many Benefits of Washing Your Own Vehicle

While it may seem to make common sense to wash your own vehicle in an effort to save money, there are other benefits as well.

  • It saves you money. Washing your own car saves you money in the long run. By simply taking a hose, a bucket, and some soap, you can save tons of money off your car-washing bill. In order to incorporate saving money with being eco-friendly, remember to fill up the bucket and turn off the hose completely. In addition, you do not have to spray the entire car down once it is all lathered up. You can refill that bucket with clean water and use a clean sponge and wipe down the soapy residue that way. Remember not to use too much soap. The more soap you use, the more water you will need to rinse it. This is being economical and eco-friendly, as well.
  • It saves you time. If you have to drive your car down to your local car wash, chances are you will be waiting on line just like everyone else on a Saturday morning. More than likely you will have your car running while doing so. Washing your own car can save you time by eliminating the need to sit around and wait. What benefit is it to save time for the environment. Now this is more time you have to perhaps plant your own garden, or practice the art of recycling.
  • It saves water. By washing your own car, you get to control how much or how little water you use. Most car washes use much more water than is necessary to rinse off all those chemicals they used while washing your car.
  • You can also clean up the environment by making your own all-natural car washing ingredients. Plain, old-fashioned soap and water are great for washing your car. It is not necessary to use any kind of chemical based ingredient when washing your vehicle. In addition, mixing a solution of vinegar and water will produce sparkling clean windows and windshield. You can also use old newspaper for cleaning up your windows and save the paper towels from filling up the landfill.

These are a few great ways to go eco-friendly while washing your own car.

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