Insulation is a necessity. You need it to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also helps keep it soundproof so you can enjoy the quiet comforts of home. However, traditionally insulation has been made from frightening substances. Some of the materials are toxic, carcinogenic, and downright bad for the environment. If you’re remodeling or building a home then consider these green insulation alternatives.

Recycled Cotton Insulation – Consider this material if you’re remodeling your home or building a new home. It’s made from recycled post-industrial and post-consumer waste cotton. It doesn’t have any fiberglass or formaldehyde, which means it’s not only sustainable but also safe to use.

Cellulose Insulation – Cellulose insulation is made with newspaper. It’s comprised of recycled newspaper, corncobs, and straw. It is also treated with flame resistant chemicals so it’s safe for new home use, remodels, and when you want to add or replace existing insulation.

Straw – Have you heard of straw bale homes? They’re homes built around the insulated foundation of straw bales. An adobe like material is used to coat the bales and create walls. Straw has an amazing ability to not only insulate your home, it absorbs sound so your home will be extraordinarily quiet. It’s also fire resistant and according to straw insulation experts it can reduce your home heating costs by 75%.

Hemp – Hemp is a plant with myriad functions. You can use the fibers to make clothing and you can use the plant to create insulation as well. Hempflax is a company based in the Netherlands that has created an insulation made from hemp, polyester, and soda. The soda is a natural fire retardant which means the insulation is sustainable and free from chemicals. Hemp is naturally resistant to many insects including beetles which means your home may be protected from pests as well.

Denim – What an excellent way to make use of old jeans; using them as a form of green insulation. Bonded Logic has created what they call the UltraTouch Natural Fiber Insulation. It is made from denim scraps taken from jeans manufacturers. It’s made from 85% post-industrial cotton fiber. According to the manufacturer it’s also recyclable.

Insulating your home is serious business. When comparing options consider green insulation options as well as traditional. Many builders are aware of the options and offer eco-friendly upgrades that can save you money over time, improve your health, and have a positive impact on the environment.

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