The long summer days are fading, the nights are drawing in and the temperatures are slowly dropping down. It’s time to put away the sleeveless tops and shorts and pull out warmer fall clothes. Maybe it’s all time to update your wardrobe with a few new items. With a bit of thought you can upgrade your wardrobe with eco-fashion that’s exactly what it says on the tin: fashionable and eco-friendly

n: fashionable and eco-friendly.

Eco-fashion starts with environmentally friendly materials. That means natural fabrics rather than synthetics that are resource intensive, use non-renewable sources and are often polluting to the environment as well. As well as fabrics, things like chemical dyes are something to consider. For fashionable fall clothes you can’t go wrong with heavier cottons, linens and silks. Along with materials like hemp, these are breathable materials that will provide warmth and won’t give you that sticky feel that synthetic fabrics sometimes do.

For a bit of extra warmth for evenings, real wool from a cruelty-free source will keep you snug. Knitting is trending again, so to get the fashion look you want; why not knit your own? You might need a gore-tex jacket if you live at the North Pole but until the weather gets really cold there’s really no need for high tech warmers. Layering will do the job just as well.

Eco-fashion means tuning into a whole bunch of green issues surrounding the clothes and style industries. Where you get your fall clothes from is a green consideration. Is it flown in from a country far away, bumping up your carbon footprint? Is it heavily processed? Does it use materials from genetically modified crops, as a lot of imported cotton goods do?

Natural materials and fall clothes with the green stamp of approval can be expensive, though quality is always worth the extra cash. If brand new fall eco-fashion is out of your range budget-wise, think of good quality second-hand clothes. Have a look in your local thrift stores. There are plenty of green bargains to be had. See what you can find advertised locally, or check out the classifieds, like Craig’s List. See what’s available in eco-friendly fabrics on EBay. To cut down on the carbon footprint, have a look at the items that are nearest first. They might be cheaper too, if you can collect from the seller or if postage costs are less for short distance sending.

If your quest for the eco-friendly fall outfits you want runs into difficulties there’s always the oldest option: make your own. Sewing is a great skill and things that don’t need complicated tailoring can be run up in a day or two. This way you can acquire truly customized clothes that fit your every preference, and make your fall clothes truly green while you’re about it.

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