Style doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune. You can get all sorts of great looking clothing from thrift stores, and you’ll be helping a charitable organization by giving them your custom. Good thrift stores don’t sell tatty old goods and you don’t have to be into the old grunge look to choose thrift shop clothing.

If you decide to have a go at ‘thrifting’ you’ll find clothes that have been barely worn and are in excellent condition. It’s just that someone didn’t want them anymore. With smart thrift store shopping you can find amazing bargains on big brand clothes that look great too. And. by participating in the recycling process you’ll be going green. 

Thrift store clothing is eco-fashion and you’ll be making a small difference to saving the environment. Clothes shouldn’t end up in our overflowing landfill sites just because someone doesn’t want them or can’t fit into them, with dropping them in the trash the easiest way to make space for more. And the reality is that people are more likely to take good items of clothing to the thrift store than scruffy old things that really do belong in the trash.

If you’re already a discerning thrift store shopper you’ll know that you can find fabulous clothes with the labels of the big designers – and all at a fraction of the price you’d pay if you wanted to buy them new. Most thrift stores have wised up to the value of a Prada handbag or top quality vintage clothes, but even so you’ll find stylish, high end clothes at great prices. You’ll also find amazing outfits for kids, since they outgrow clothes fast, which mean that their cast-offs often, have relatively little wear.

To be a successful thrift store eco-fashioner you’ll need to know the stores in your area and put some time into checking through their stock. You may have to rifle through a bit of dross to find the gold, but most thrift stores have some. The trick is to be discriminating and not succumb to all sorts of items just because they’re such amazing bargains (even though they’re not your style and you’ll probably never wear them).

When you find stuff you like, always try it on if you can. Even if it says it’s your size, used clothes can have shrunk or stretched. If there are any flaws in the item they’ll be easier to spot on than off. To make sure your eco-fashion outfit matches your aim of going green it’s a good idea to go with eco-friendly principles, and go for natural materials rather than the highly processed synthetics whose manufacture has an environmental impact.

You know your style. You’ll find it in thrift stores, as long as you’re patient and determined. Finally, don’t forget to complete the circle by taking in your own good used clothes as a donation to replenish the stock for other eco-fashion hunters.

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