We are all familiar by now with the effects and benefits of recycling. Anything and everything that we touch causes an impact on our environment and our atmosphere. Recycling is important to us all in sustaining the environment by protecting it from too much landfill. So what does recycling have to do with the new concept of the food wrapper?

Well, it stands to reason that if a food is wrapped in package, carton, or container that may or may not be recyclable, then it helps to protect and sustain the environment, as well. Even though these materials are all just about recyclable these days, it does not guarantee that the person eating them or using them will recycle them. This is where the all natural food wrapper comes in to play.

The Idea behind the All-Natural Food Wrapper


David Edwards, a Harvard bioengineer came up with the concept for WikiCell. The WikiCell is an amazing concept which makes packaging entirely edible. Some of those foods are yogurt, coffee, and even beverages such as alcoholic beverages. The concept behind the invention is that if a food is wrapped in an edible coating, there will be less waste, diminished concern over the use of fast food containers, disposable cutlery, and paper waste.

David Edwards set out with the design idea in mind of creating a way to hold food and beverage in an edible package. Of course, in this brilliant idea, there are also many benefits.

The Benefits of the All-Natural Food Wrapper


  • Food can stay fresh just about as long with edible wrappers as it can with disposable containers
  • Food and beverage containers will be reduced, thereby reducing waste.
  • When waste is reduced, this has a direct impact on the environment. The environment does not have to suffer the repercussions of too much landfill and not enough recycling.
  • For those who really do have good intentions of recycling, but just cannot seem to find the time, inclination, or system to put in place, the all-natural food wrapper is perfect for these individuals.

Imagine having the opportunity to eat a cup of yogurt and eat the container too. It seems as thought it is something far away into the future. However, as futuristic as it sounds, this is being created here and now.

Individuals will have the opportunity to eat healthy, sustain and protect the environment, help Mother Earth, and look really cool doing it, as well.

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