So many of us have become aware, truly aware, of the urgency needed to take conservation more and more seriously every day. Not only are we persuading our employers to become greener in the office, we are taking that green attitude home with us to our families.

Both inside and outside the home in the form of building materials, the foods we eat, water we drink, and vehicles we drive, everyone nowadays is aware of green technology.

Maybe you have considered looking into the possibility of electric cars, but have you even thought of the possibility of an electric school bus for your children? How would you feel about an electric school bus to tote your children to and from school – is that even a possibility?

We all know of the benefits involved in driving an electric car – less dependency on fossil fuels, saving money, and preserving the environment, as well. However, saving our health is a major bonus of both electric cars and electric school buses. Don’t be surprised if it comes to a school near you one of these days soon.

For many many years school children have been transported to and from school on school buses that have run on diesel. Think about how many years the children have walked behind or in front of the bus getting on and off and inhaling those dangerous and toxic fumes. No wonder whey the instance of childhood asthma is so high these days.

Not only is it dangerous to the youth, it is also costly. Sometimes these buses wait around for children to load and unload with no end in sight to the sending of toxic fumes.

What better reason is there to take on the project of getting electric motors for school buses up and running? There are two companies that are thinking along the same lines these days. The lucky school district is the Kings Canyon Unified School District in California. If everything goes according to plan, the first electric run school bus may hit the road soon.

Of course, the electric bus would come at a heftier price than a typical school bus would, but it would save money on fuel in the long run. Saving fuel and saving money are on every school budget’s agenda. Moreover, the possibility does exist that new and innovative ways of keeping costs down will prevail.

Moreover, and most importantly, is the ability to create a healthier breathing environment for the students that board the buses to and from school, the parents and siblings that wait at the corner for them to come home, and of course, the bus drivers that drive the bus, as well.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a winning combination for everyone all around – saving money, preserving the environment, and contributing to the health and well-being of all involved.

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