Many years ago, going green was viewed upon as just a passing phase, a fad, a trend. We all probably remember the amount of media attention the recycle, reuse campaign received. However, energy savings have been on an upward trend steadily from about the year 2007.

There are many reasons for this trend. Initially, this trend was thought to be just a way of returning to our roots, taking a step back in time. There were also labels such as tree hugger and hippie associated with anyone seriously dedicated to the green movement.

And then something shifted. Individuals and families everywhere began to realize that there was more to gain and more to save than just the rainforest. Everyone everywhere began to truly understand the value and the impact that the green movement would have on not only their lives but the lives of their children and future grandchildren, as well.

Recent studies are showing that there is a steady decline in the use of electricity, for example since 2007. There are many reasons to factor in; however, one of the most important reasons is due to energy efficiency according to these studies.

While the recession may have been a contributing factor, the decline is more likely due to the energy efficiency of consumers everywhere. Homeowners as well as business owners have come to recognize and appreciate the massive benefits of energy efficiency and therefore the upward trend.

Homeowners began to discover how important and vital a role they each individually played in protecting the environment. Even the busiest of individuals began to recognize that even though they were only one, one could still make a difference. Moreover, homeowners and business owners alike began to appreciate the vale and savings of the energy savings trend.

Homeowners and business owners alike are being offered more and more incentives to save energy in their homes and businesses. With the economy in a state of disrepair, everyone and anyone is looking to save a few bucks here and there. Not only are there several financial advantages, but more importantly there are even more incentives since 2007.

Government programs are offering homeowners and business owners tax deductible, low-interest, long-term financing for their home energy repairs. Energy efficient programs together with governmental policies offer homeowners the opportunity to save money on their energy usage by upgrading to energy efficient systems. These policies afford property owners the opportunity to do a home energy project and finance it through their tax bills for a long term, low cost, tax deductible payment plan.

When you combine this benefit with the overall, long term benefit of saving energy and saving money, everybody wins.

So, what may have started as something that was viewed as a fad, is now more commonplace than ever. Energy savings have been growing steadily since 2007 and will probably continue to do so as long as environmental and ecosystem issues still exist.

It’s good to see that saving energy and protecting our planet are on the rise rather than always hearing about how other disastrous things such as crime and violent weather are on the rise.

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