The new brand will focus on providing information and products that help people build a green lifestyle.


Los Angeles, California (July 8th, 2010) – Tree Home Media and WideGroup Interactive, two dynamic, environmentally aware organizations, have partnered to introduce Tree Living, a green resource company focused on providing practical, relevant information and promoting products related to environmental and social responsibility and green living.

Tree Home Media was born from the belief that the entertainment and media industries can play a critical role in the dissemination of new ideas, concepts, information, and technologies to improve lives and protect the planet we live on, and that it can be done through the development of content and programming that addresses the issues plaguing our world with an eye toward solving them. Our primary mission is to inspire, inform, educate and empower those that want to do something, but don’t know where to begin.

“I am very excited to be a part of” says Matt Tennison, Tree Home Media’s VP of Marketing. “It is not often that ideals and career get to intertwine together and I find it very rewarding to me personally, to be able to use the skills and resources I have developed over the years for such a worthwhile cause.”

The first step in this project is the creation of the portal which will serve as a resource for people looking for information on environmental issues and social responsibility. This is an easy to use and understand format that not only educates but also demystifies important aspects of green living and helps translate them into everyday life. The portal will also serve as a place to gather and build a “green community” with limitless growth potential.

WideGroup Interactive, a marketing and advertising agency with over 10 years experience, is in charge of finding innovative ways to engage the general public and provide a communication platform to distribute, share and act on ideas in order to improve our lives. There will be a variety of ways for green brands to advertise, as well as sponsor and integrate themselves into the content via videos, webisodes, articles, specialized research and reviews, widgets and mobile apps, all deployed to achieve maximum connection.

“This project is very close to my heart” says Alexis Posternak, WideGroup’sPresident. “It makes us very proud to know that, by making a success, we are not only adding another project to our portfolio but we are also helping the environment and making a difference for future generations.”

A social media communication plan and full blown advertising and marketing campaign has been crafted to successfully launch this brand into the marketplace. Through many strategic partnerships already secured with advertisers, will sprout like a magic beanstalk!

About Tree Home Media

Tree Home Media is a media company that produces original content for the dissemination of new ideas, concepts, information, and technologies to improve the lives of people and the world as a whole. THM’s primary mission is to inspire, inform, educate and empower the audience that wants to do something, but doesn’t know where to start.

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About WideGroup :: Interactive
WideGroup :: Interactive specializes in web design, rich media, branded desktop applications, social and viral media, as well as marketing and advertising consulting services which provide clients with the captivating user experiences of tomorrow, today.
Founded in 1999, WideGroup has worked with a broad spectrum of A-list clients including DreamWorks SKG, Universal Studios, Bank of America, Carl’s Jr. and Lotus Cars. Their broad spectrum of services work together with their technologies to provide clients with the most effective and strategic rich media solutions.

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Phone: 818.344.9703
Toll Free: 1.888.WIDEGROUP (943.3476)

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