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You may have heard about "the family bed" lately. Just what is it? Basically, it is a term that refers to familial bed-sharing.

Parents allow their children, including infants, to sleep in their bed with them. Is it something you think might work for your family? Or are you unsure about the whole idea? Here are some pros and cons of this type of sl eeping arrangement.


* In the event of an emergency, you will know where your child or baby is. If an intruder breaks into your home, a fire breaks out, or there is another sort of emergency situation, your baby or child is right there with you. You can therefore watch out for them and get them to a safer location quickly.

* Breastfeeding is made much easier in a family bed. The mother does not have to get up during the night or endure night-time crying from the baby.

* Parents can get more rest without having to get up during the night to tend to their baby or child.

* Bonding time is important, and busy parents, who may not have time during the day to be physically close to their children, can find that bonding time at night.

* Some couples have claimed that the family bed has encouraged them to be more creative with regard to love-making, thus adding spontaneity and interest to their love life.


* There is concern that the family bed is unsafe. Babies could roll into unsafe positions or be pushed or rolled on by a parent or older child in the bed. (Cribs, however, pose their own dangers as mass recalls over the years have shown.)

* It may be uncomfortable to have others in bed with you, either psychologically or physically.

* Older kids who confess to sleeping with their parents may experience teasing from peers.

* Despite the creativity aspect, some couples fear or experience a loss of intimacy after implementing the family bed.

* Some psychologists believe that bed-sharing invokes emotional problems in children, such as separation problems and co-dependent love relationships later in life.

This is a very intimate decision for you and your family. Do your research and try to block out reactionary voices. Research both sides as carefully and thoroughly as you can, and talk to families who practice the family bed and those who don't.
Ultimately, you will make the right decision for your family. And you can also make adjustments. The family bed may not be right for you now, but may be in the future, or vice versa.

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