You can reuse your old dish towels to make funky, unique curtains. If you don't have any used ones, look at your local antique store or check out your local yard sales. These curtains can make great gifts, or use them in your own home. You don't even have to sew! Here's how.


* Dish towels of your choice. Determine how many b y measuring your window and using towels that fit the dimensions. Thin dish towels work best – avoid the thick, terry cloth ones.

* Curtain clips, about 6 clips per curtain/towel. (These come in various styles, but always involve a ring with a clip attached. Choose whatever works for your decor and taste.)

* Tension rod or traditional curtain rod.


* Iron your towels.

* Slide the curtain clips onto the tension or curtain rod.

* Lay the tension rod on the floor.

* Attach the towels to the curtain clips. Start and end right at the towel's top two corners.

* Put up the tension rod.

Your towel curtains will slide open and closed. You can use two towels to get a panel effect, or just one. If you like, use funky cloth napkins or ribbons to make creative tie-backs.

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