By TreeLiving There are ways you can reduce the carbon footprint of your existing car, even if it is an hybrid or electric car. Here are some tips. 1. Maintain your car Keeping your car in top working order makes it work efficiently. Replace oil and fuel filters according to schedule. Keep the tire pressure at the optimum level as your car specifications indicate. 2. Turn it off When you are waiting in your car for someone, turn off the car engine when possible to help air quality and save money. 3. Drive carefully Studies have shown that the difference in miles per gallon is due to bad driving habits such as accelerating rapidly or gunning the motor. If you drive like this you are wasting up to 30 percent of fuel more than when you are maintaining a steady speed. Try to also look ahead and anticipate when you will need to stop; slamming on the breaks also wastes a lot of fuel. 4. Use your car less. If you don’t need to travel a long distance, why not walk instead? You will get in shape while saving the environment and enjoying the view of your city. 5. Share the car with a friend Combine trips with a neighbor when it’s time to buy groceries or take kids to school. It will help both to reduce transport costs and pollution There are benefits for all if we employ some of these techniques to reduce the carbon footprint of our vehicles; it just takes a little bit of dedication in order to save the planet we live in.

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