Remodeling a basement is probably one of the best investments a homeowner can make. A basement remodel not only increases the aesthetics of a home, it increases its value, as well. A basement remodel is a wise choice indeed, as it serves many purposes and functions.

Great Reasons to Remodel a Basement

For some homeowners, a basement is a place to store stuff that no one knows quite what to do with just yet. The basement seems to be the holding pattern for miscellaneous items. These items typically fall under the category of items that maybe someone, somewhere, will need those items in the future.

There are many reasons to remodel a basement, and many ideas on what can be done with the space after the remodel.

•    Family room
•    Play room for the kids/game room for the adults
•    Home-office
•    Laundry Room
•    Art studio

A remodeled basement is not only a great investment but can also provide many benefits.

•    It clears up clutter around the rest of the house.
•    Creates a quiet space where the kids can study
•    A place for the guys, or girls, to gather for social functions
•    A place to start a business venture

Things to Look for When Remodeling a Basement

Once the decision is made, there are many things to keep in ming when remodeling the basement:

•    Making certain that a basement is drier than dry is an integral part of the remodeling process. Mold and mildew are important factors in the remodeling process.
•    The location and area of pipes potentially affected in the remodel is equally important. A blueprint of the basement is always helpful prior to a basement remodel.
•    Gather necessary information regarding plumbing and electrical prior to doing any work. An informed remodeler is a wise remodeler.
•    Consider different insulation options such as eco-friendly ones which are healthier for you.
•    Hire a professional. A homeowner’s worst nightmare is to start a DIY project only to wind up calling someone, not only to assist, but also to undo any damage already done which can get quite expensive.

Once a homeowner has chosen to remodel his or her basement and has investigated the location of heating, plumbing, and electricity, as well as checked for mold and moisture, hiring professionals is a wise choice indeed.

Thereafter, a homeowner can look forward in anticipation to the finished product, a newly remodeled and finished basement to enjoy with the whole family!

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