Products with harsh chemicals whose effects on the human body are poorly understood are bad enough for adults. Concerns treble when it comes to babies, whose immune systems are still developing and whose sensitivity is far greater than adults. Green baby products are the way to go, with the double benefit of being safer for babies and better for the environment as well.

To begin with, consider the strange conventions about what babies are supposed to smell like: a soft, innocent fragrance.  But that baby smell is all manufactured. Clean babies shouldn’t smell of anything. Fragrances in mass market baby goods are generally entirely synthetic and chemical based, and are implicated in hypersentivities.

Fragrance-free green baby products are widely available, covering everything you need for your baby.  That includes soaps, talcum powder, wipes, diaper balms and much more besides. The reality is that your baby won’t mind a bit if the products are perfumed or not. Given the potential risks of chemical additives, smart parents will err on the side of caution.

In case you’ve ever wondered, that old standby for baby care, namely Vaseline, or petroleum jelly, is indeed a spin-off from the petrochemical industry. It’s not harmful, but there are plenty of alternative skin ointments and barrier creams for babies that are just as good and are created from more appealing ingredients. Petroleum-free jellies use organic ingredients like beeswax, Shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil.

Ranges of green baby products also avoid commonly used cosmetic ingredients like sodium lauryl sulphate, which is known to cause skin irritation. Materials of plant origin are carefully sourced and organically grown, so there’s no risk of lingering toxic contaminants. The best makers also take ethical considerations into account, so they won’t have been tested on animals.

Sometimes it’s harder to avoid chemical-laced products. Organic shampoos made from natural ingredients like lavender and soapwort may not lather as well as the standard baby shampoos. That doesn’t mean they won’t clean as well, since your baby’s hair is unlikely to be heavily soiled and it’s the water that does a large part of the cleaning work.  Mild, organic baby soaps are another thing to look out for in baby care ranges.

Making your own green baby products is another possibility for you to consider. Baby wipes are an easy one, and good on two counts. Disposable wipes have their place in baby care but for many purposes washable, reusable cotton wipes are just as good and more environmentally sound. Dampened in water and kept in a ziplock bag, you have baby wipes that are also economical. You can even add a tiny drop of essential oil if you have one that you’re confident is safe for your baby. Safety is what it’s all about, and green baby products will make sure you don’t take any unnecessary risks with your precious baby.

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