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Good food always tastes even better in a wonderful location, and that’s what the traditional picnic is all about. Of course you could picnic on top of a skyscraper if you wanted, but the best picnics are usually in a green place abounding in natural beauty. Take it all the way with a picnic that’s faithful to the green principles that have been developed to make sure our planet’s beauty spots stay unspoilt and uncontaminated.

If one half of the perfect picnic is about quality al fresco eating, why not do the ultimate green thing and make at least some of it yourself, instead of buying it in? Stock up with great quality produce from your local farmer’s market. Most also offer all sorts of deli specials, locally grown and produced and perfect for picnicking. Or make your own pate and snacks so it’s all fresh, healthy and in harmony with the picnic concept.

You may have the option of taking your own containers for your market purchases, so you can cut down on that seriously nasty enemy of the environment – plastic packaging. Plastic wrappers and bags, and bottles and tubs, aren’t ideal to take on a picnic. It only takes a small breeze to send packaging flying, where it spoils the environment for other visitors, let alone the local wildlife.

For a luxurious touch to a picnic, take ceramic plates to eat off and real glasses to drink from. It adds a touch of class and also avoids the plastic problem. If you’ve got a bit of a hike to your picnic destination, and the real thing is too heavy, paper plates are practical, but make sure you put them in the trash can or, even better, take them home and recycle them. Don’t forget to recycle the paper napkins or kitchen towel too.

To make the most of your picnic and its beautiful setting, go organic, right down to the seasonings and the wine. Chemicals and additives just aren’t in keeping with the occasion. You can have an entire meal without them if you read the labels and buy cleverly, or make your own. It will taste better as well as feeling good.

The classic picnic is natural from A to Z. The sumptuous spread is carried in a wicker hamper. You lay it on a crisp cotton cloth. You sit on a checked woollen blanket. It really is a great way to get in tune with the environment. You can maximise the experience by making sure it’s environmentally friendly, right down to the small details.

There’s just one more detail to consider. If you can get to your picnic spot on foot or by bike, or even by canoe or on horseback, so much the better. If you can’t, consider carpooling. Doing the right thing for the environment what you need to do to enjoy the green outdoors – and to make sure it stays that way.

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