When remodeling your home into a healthier, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving place to live, you must start with the right building materials. These green materials are vital components when it comes to transforming your home into a green home. To be more specific, t here are materials for specific parts of your house in case you want to green remodel one room at a time.

If you are concerned with style when it comes to shifting to green building materials, you don't need to worry. With new innovations and designs, these materials can at par to the elegance and styles of typical building materials that tend to be unhealthy for both you and the environment. Most of them are now widely available in hardware stores or in home depots specializing in green building.


One of the most basic green remodeling projects for homeowners is flooring replacement. The most popular green flooring materials are those made from cork and bamboo. Through processes and treatments, they surprisingly mimic the looks of typical woods like plywood and are very durable and good-looking. Carpets used for green remodeling are those from renewable and natural fibers like wool which are not just healthy but elegant as well.

Kitchen and Bath

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen and bathroom you can look for cabinets, rugs and countertops that are Earth friendly. For water conservation, you can buy low flow shower heads, faucets and toilets as well as a tankless water heater. New green building materials for your kitchen and bath also mean using materials that are as strong as granite, less porous than marble and still heat-resistant like stone. If using hardwood, these green building materials are harvested responsibly as well as water-based and use non-toxic glues and finishes. Common materials for cabinetry and countertops for green remodeling include quartz, bamboo and recycled glass.


Your roof is also a good spot to check when green remodeling your abode. Most roofs are made from durable and cheaper materials but they are hazardous to both humans and the planet. If you still prefer to use hardwood like cedar, there are woods that are responsibly harvested instead of coming from illegal logging. Roofing for green remodeling can also include those that are 80% made from recycled rubber and plastic but they look and work like common stone slate.

Home Decors

Now that your home is green what about the decor? Make sure to choose home decor that uses natural fibers like banana leaves, abaca (Manila hemp), bamboo, coconut and rattan. These fibers and plants can be used in photo frames and even in chic furniture. The result is a very luxurious home. Traveling to Asia? This is one of the best places to acquire these types of home decorations. Aside from having something to remind you of your exotic getaway, you will have a greener home too!

Green Experts

When working with a contractor, ask for these materials to make sure that you are indeed getting what you are looking for. Likewise, your contractor can suggest more green building materials to achieve your goals.

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