In the US alone, hundreds of houses and infrastructures are built annually. This figure doubles when it comes to remodeling particularly for home remodeling. Statistics have shown that within 2-5 years after construction, a homeowner desires to remodel his/her house. From a single room to a total home remodeling, homeowners make modifications to adapt to their changing lifest yles, to have more space or to have a “new” home without building another structure.

Amidst all these reasons, isn’t it time to remodel your house for the sake of having a “greener” place to live? You will breathe in healthier air inside your home while reducing energy consumption and hazardous waste emissions to the environment. The concept of green remodeling is relatively new even for professional remodelers. But with what is currently happening to the world, it is a simple step towards a healthier way of life.

Green Remodeling Benefits
We build a house to find comfort and security but it may be a shock if what will endanger your family is just around the corner. Remember the asbestos contents that most houses used to have? Asbestos was used to protect houses from fire and as heat insulation but they can also cause diseases like respiratory ailments when breathed. Now, most houses are asbestos-free but it doesn’t end there.

The quest for healthier houses involves choosing cost-saving materials and appliances as well as other products. Living green can save costs specifically when it comes to utilities like power and water. Those with younger children can help protect them from sickness just by choosing non-toxic paints.

Green remodeling will let you save from your energy costs. Solar panels will totally cut your expenses when it comes to electricity same goes to using incandescent lamps and other energy-saving appliances like LED televisions and non-frost refrigerators. Not only you save from your bills but you will also do something good to the environment. These fixtures also come in elegant designs and “slimmer” shapes which is another reason for remodeling – bigger space and an updated look for your home. Cork and bamboo flooring are not only environmentally-friendly but they are also healthier and hygienic compared to the usual flooring materials.

The Cost of Remodeling
One of things that concerns homeowners when it comes to green remodeling is the cost. This type of remodeling can cost a little bit higher than the usual remodeling. You really do not need to have a total green remodeling that can cost thousands of dollars. If your budget is limited, you can start gradually -one step at a time.

Green remodeling is indeed a good step towards a healthier, comfortable and more efficient home. It may cost a little bit higher but do not think of its upfront costs. Think about what you will save after a few years. Think about having a good investment especially for the welfare of your children. Green living from diet to lifestyle is not just a fad; it is now a change on how we live to have a healthier life and to ensure that the next generations can continually benefit from the environment.

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