Easter is a time of renewal. While it’s a religious holiday it also ushers in Spring. It’s the perfect opportunity embrace environmentally friendly habits. One way you can be green and celebrate Easter is to make environmentally friendly Easter baskets.

Green Tips for Easter Baskets Reuse

Take a look around your home. Do you have anything that could double for an Easter basket? For example, a child’s bucket can be used to hide eggs, candy and other Easter treats.
A decorative storage box is another option. If you don’t have anything around the home, shop wisely. Look for containers that can be repurposed after Easter. Again a child’s bucket, storage box or even a nice bag work well.
Second hand is another option. Visit flea markets and second hand shops to find original ideas for Easter baskets. Again, look for items that have a purpose after Easter.
Finally, if last year’s Easter basket is still around use it. Then set it in storage for next year.

Instead of purchasing colorful plastic grass to fill your Easter baskets, consider using recycled material. For example, you might shred old art projects. The colorful paper shreds look great in an Easter basket.
You can also shred magazine pages for glossy high color Easter grass. Additionally, you can recycle them when the holiday is over.

Instead of using chemicals to dye Easter eggs, reduce the amount of pollutants and use natural egg dye. You can dye eggs with all sorts of items right in your home. For example:
* Pink can be created by boiling beets or cranberries.
* Red can be created by boiling red onion skins.
* Purple can be created by using grape juice.
* Brown can be created with coffee.
* Blue can be created with blueberries.
* You might also consider using carrot juice, turmeric or spinach juice.

Cut back on the amount of candy and trinkets in your child’s Easter basket. They certainly don’t need pounds of candy to have a good holiday. And consider also using candy that is naturally sweetened. Skip the Peeps, or at least cut back, and give your child Earth Balls, sun drops and other naturally sweetened candy – no high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors. You can also buy organic lollipops and candy.

Finally, skip the pets. Don’t buy any chicks, bunnies or other cute animals for Easter. Instead, buy your child something they can use. Books are a wonderful treat. If your child is older you can purchase a gift card for them.

Having a green Easter is simple. Plan ahead, cut back and use what you have. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make this Easter an environmentally friendly one.

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