Easter is a time of celebration and renewal. It’s also a great time to embrace earth friendly practices. If you’re throwing an Easter party, you can make it a green one by having a zero waste party. Here’s how.

#1 Invitations can now be sent via email. There are some extremely usefu l programs you can use online. These programs allow you to send email invites. It keeps track of who RSVP’d and it offers a message board so people can ask questions about the party. Electronic invitations mean you don’t have to use any paper or ink. They’re 100% electronic. If you have people you want to invite and they don’t use email, consider giving them a phone call.

#2 Recycled or Reusable Party Ware.
Plates, napkins, glasses and all party decorations can be made from recycled materials. You can also use your own every day dishes or if you’re going to have a large party, consider renting. You can also buy compostable party ware, like plates and cups made from corn.

#3 Decorations.
Easter time is spring time and it’s a great opportunity to decorate naturally. That means you don’t have to buy premade decorations. Consider using naturally dyed eggs, real grass, and twig branch baskets for decorations. Cut flowers for a spring touch and place them in vases. If you want to create Easter grass for baskets or decorations consider shredding magazines or using vegetable dye on papers in your recycled bin and then shredding them. Beet juice makes a beautiful pink color!

#4 Food.
Instead of cooking everything yourself or getting takeout, consider asking attendees to contribute a dish to the party. It means there’s less work for you and everyone feels as if they’ve contributed to the festivities. Let them know you’re having a zero waste party so they can be sure to bring food in recyclable or reusable containers.

#5 Compost leftovers.
Composting is a great way to make use of leftovers and you can use the compost to help indoor and outdoor plants thrive.

#6 Play games.
Games are part of a fun party. Easter egg hunts with real eggs instead of plastic ones are a zero waste game. Charades and scavenger hunts also have zero waste.

#7 Natural, Earth Friendly, Crafts.
In addition to using games to keep children occupied consider having an earth friendly craft for kids to do. One example might be for children to decorate a tin. You can have seedlings, potting soil and paint on hand. They can decorate the can, choose their plant and take it home. It’s a zero waste craft and a nice goodie to take home from the party.

#8 Recycle anything that cannot be reused.
For example, if you purchase soda or juice for the party you can recycle the containers. Or you can use them to create compost scoops, bird feeders, or planters.

Easter is a great time to be environmentally conscious. When you throw a zero waste party you’re not only doing something nice for the planet you’re also getting others involved in the cause. You’re setting a good example for your own family and others. If everyone does their small part it makes a huge difference.

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