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The start of spring each year often signals a time for us to go through our household “spring cleaning” routine. Some of us also have traditions for other seasons as well – we might rotate our summer and winter wardrobes in and out of storage when those seasons roll around, for example. Fall can be a great time to take a number of different green steps throughout your h ome and your yard. Here are some tips that can help you build a new fall green tradition. Clean Your Furnace Air Ducts. In addition to presenting a possible fire danger, air ducts that become partially blocked with dust and hair balls can greatly reduce the airflow – and therefore the efficiency – of your furnace.

When this happens, many people simply crank up the thermostat another degree or two in order to feel warmer. But this can add up to a significant additional energy use over the course of the fall and winter. It’s better to simply make sure your furnace is able to do its job optimally. Check the Ductwork of Your Clothes Dryer. When the airflow in the ducts of your clothes dryer gets restricted with lint and other debris, the efficiency of the dryer is reduced. This means you’ll need more electricity to get your clothes dry, and it will take longer for each dryer load to finish. Save yourself time and money by making sure your dryer vents and ductwork are clear. Check Your Windows. Over time the seals around your windows can become brittle or peel away.

This is particularly the case where you live somewhere with dry summers. If necessary, re-caulk your windows so that they are not letting cold air into your home once winter comes. If you don’t anticipate having to open the windows before springtime, consider purchasing a “do it yourself” plastic window shrink-wrap kit. These kits can greatly improve the insulating ability the windows you use them on – particularly if you still have single pane windows in your home. Prepare Your Lawn for Winter. Fall is the right time to get your lawn ready for the winter, and primed for the next spring. The first step is to make sure your lawn is weed-free. It’s best not to use any lawn treatments (even organic ones) for this step unless absolutely necessary.

With a dandelion puller hand tool, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can clear your yard. You should then rake up any leaves and thatch. It’s generally good to add some grass seed to help beef up the density of grass plants in your lawn. About a month or so after re-seeding, use an organic fertilizer to nourish the entire lawn. You’ll be surprised at how much better your lawn looks next spring. Any time is a great time to do more “green” things around your house. By taking a number of different green tasks and grouping them together and making a routine that you’ll undertake every fall, you’ll get yourself into a habit that will help you stay green every year.

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