Once upon a time everyone grew their own food. As the population expanded, however, this “grow your own” approach became less efficient. The food industry was born and has become what it is today. Food is shipped to us from overseas where it is grown more cheaply. Scientists have genetically modified plants to make them more resistant to disease and insects and to help increase yield. Animals are cultivated in environments that resemble a factory more than a farm. This industrialization of food has been linked to the growing obesity epidemic facing the country. You can improve the environment, reduce your carbon footprint and improve your wellbeing by growing your own healthy food.

Nothing Tastes Better than Home Grown

Much of the produce on supermarket shelves was purchased well before it was ripe. It ripened on the boat, truck and grocery store shelves. The taste difference between a naturally ripened fruit or vegetable and one that ripened after it was picked is indisputable. Home grown, fresh produce tastes significantly better.

Chemical Free

Today you can find organic seeds and plantings at your local nursery or home goods store. With a little care and attention it’s easy to grow your own healthy food without adding chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides. Your home grown produce is much healthier than standard produce found at the supermarket.

It’s Cheaper!

Organic food at the grocery store is expensive. Growing your own organic produce saves you a significant amount of money. One five dollar zucchini plant can yield fifty dollars’ worth of zucchini.  Additionally, you don’t spend money on fuel to get to the store, which in turn also reduces carbon emissions. Industrial farming also uses significant resources both to grow and harvest the produce but also transport it to the supermarket. All of those resources are eliminated when you grow your own healthy food.

Back To Basics

Finally, growing your own food helps bring you and your family back to the basics. There’s something rewarding about planting a seed, nurturing it as it grows, harvesting and enjoying the meal prepared from the produce. Many experts compare gardening to meditation and it’s an excellent lesson for children. They learn about where food comes from and how to take care of themselves. Additionally, children who grow their own food and participate in the process tend to enjoy eating vegetables much more. They’ll have a healthier diet and you will too. Grow your own healthy food and enjoy the many benefits gardening can provide.

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