We all have New Year resolutions that do not quite seem to last a whole year, maybe two weeks at best; but never really a year. Did you ever notice, though, that when you do something for someone else or, better yet make a promise to someone else, you go all out to see that it happens?

It is funny, however, when it comes to us, that this is not so much the case. What if you were to combine your New Year resolution for yourself and for others? You would probably have success.

So, why not make a few New Year resolutions that incorporate going green with your hopes and aspirations, as well. After all, going green is something you do for yourself, the environment, and the future of others, as well.

A Green New Year for a Green Home

If you are unable to keep those promises to yourself of weight loss and exercise, why not do something that feels good for you and for the environment, as well?

First, take a look around your home and see where you might be able to conserve energy. You may think of conserving energy as something you cannot feel or touch; however, saving energy also equates to saving money. This is a win/win situation on all fronts.

Look to see where you have leaks or drafts. Once you have discovered this, you can then go on to repair those leaks and drafts. Believe it or not, sealing up doors and windows will give you some spare cash in your pocket while conserving that energy for future generations, too.

Make it Creative

Do you have a friend that is crafty and always wondered how they do it? Why not try on something new that you have always wanted to do like crafting? However, do it with a modern twist.

Learn how to craft with recycled or refurbished materials. You can decorate your home with very little money and a lot of fun by shopping estate sales and garage sales and recreating those items into something new and fun for your home. Chances are that everyone will ask you how you did it or where you got it from, too.

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering your time to a beach cleanup or any green cause is an excellent way to give back to the community, feel good about yourself, and create yourself as well-rounded individuals.

So, as you can see, going green for your New Year resolutions has many perks. It gives you the opportunity to give back, create something new, and help a good cause all at the same time. Now that is a winning resolution.

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