The term “holistic” (or “wholistic”) refers to the integrated interaction between the functioning parts of a whole. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to embrace this concept – heart, mind, and body. Here are some ideas for a holistic Valentine’s Day.

1. Go to a holistic spa for a treatment, or buy such a treatment for your significant other. You could also go to a holistic spa together. At a holistic spa, you will receive a massage of some sort – some spas offer Swedish massages or other specialties. Some spas offer beauty treatments and other pampering, romantic treatments.

2. Organic chocolate is holistic and appropriate for this romantic holiday. Consider raw chocolate “nibs” or prepared organic chocolates.

3. Prepare a romantic meal for two with local, organic food. A holistic philosophy embraces humanity’s connection to nature, and organic food, with its respect for natural methods and the environment, supports that idea.

4. Candles help set the mood on Valentine’s Day, whether it’s for a special meal or just time together. In keeping with the holistic theme, use soy candles that are more environmentally responsible and non-toxic.

5. Natural essential oils can help set the mood with pure scents. Use these instead of artificially-scented candles or other synthetic smells.

6. Roses may be traditional gifts, but cut roses are rather wasteful. Give a live rose bush instead – the miniature, potted roses look very pretty and can be kept in a container or planted in the garden in the spring. Edible bouquets made of healthy fruit are another holistic option. And many people would like to receive a live plant as a gift – consider an indoor plant that will enhance air quality, or a tree seedling that can be planted in the spring.

7. Peaceful, romantic music is part of a holistic Valentine’s celebration. Look for music that really sets the mood and encourages a natural, peaceful atmosphere.

8. Give your significant other some homemade beauty aids, like a salt scrub or flax seed hair gel (mix 1 tablespoon flax seeds with 1 cup water, microwave for 2 minutes, steep for at least an hour, then strain).

9. Speaking of homemade, make your own Valentine’s treats that are healthy and holistic. Dip strawberries in organic chocolate, make homemade fudge with organic cocoa and natural sugar,or bake a special cake or cookies with whole, organic ingredients. Make your own pink icing with natural ingredients (cream cheese, egg whites, whipped cream, pureed strawberries, etc.) to make it more festive.

10. Purchase Valentine’s cards made from recycled paper, or make your own. Get creative and use scrap paper, or make your own paper from old newspapers that have been shredded, soaked, and blended into pulp.

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