2011 – TreeLiving.com has begun a new year with more than ever. More information, more videos, new sections, new daily Green Tips so that our followers, readers and friends can have more tools to do a little bit every day for our planet. We´re from the planet!

When the earth is worn down, when the water runs out, when the atmosphere is decayed, Mother Nature will react. She has to react. Lets not let this happen; lets respect this great big family. The social media phenomenon: After four months, we’re reaching five thousand friends on Facebook! We believe that we should take advantage of this phenomenon to continue to spread our voice and feed an ecological conscience that helps all of us habitants have a better relationship with the planet. Thank you to everyone for the comments. Thank you for pointing out our errors and hits. We all have a lot to learn and that is what TreeLiving.com is all about: a space to exchange ecological knowledge, so that, as our slogan reads: we can plant the seeds of a better planet. Remember that when a tree exhales, we are able to breathe. This is the common destiny that we have with the trees of this planet. Warm regards, TreeLiving.com

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