Since cooked meat is the most common source of protein for many people, there is a natural concern about how to get protein on a raw food diet. Fortunately, there a some very good sources of plant protein that can deliver most of the other nutrients that meat provides as well.

Hemp seeds often don’t get the credit they are due as a food source because people confuse h emp with marijuana. Although both plants are part of the cannabis family, industrial hemp – the kind used for food – does not have the psychoactive effect that marijuana has.

In fact, industrial hemp is not only a good source of healthy essential fatty acids, it is also a good source of protein. Its amino acid profile is similar to soy, eggs, meat and milk, so it is an excellent protein source to include in a raw food diet. Hemp seeds are a complete food source. They contain all of the essential amino and fatty acids that humans need.

Spirulina is an excellent choice of protein, and it’s perfect for vegans or people who don’t care to eat sushi or raw fish. It contains up to 70% protein and is also a good source of iron and vitamin B12 which usually are provided by meats. Spirulina is a type of fast growing algae that is found naturally in fresh water alkaline lakes, and is easier to digest than many other types of seaweed and algae harvested from the ocean.

Another benefit of Spirulina is that it’s rich in omega 3-fatty acids. These are the same beneficial fats that are found in cold water fish oil. So if you don’t like the taste of fish oil or if you’re committed to a vegan diet, you can still get your healthy fatty acids by including Spirulina in your diet.

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