Yoga is generally thought of as a fitness program. It’s true that yoga helps improve strength, flexibility and endurance.

However, yoga also helps with many other mental, emotional and spiritual elements in a person’s life. In fact, yoga can be very effective to help you cope with fear. Here’s how:

#1 Yoga teaches focus and awareness. ng>

One of the reasons fear is so destructive is that it can overwhelm logic. It takes over other senses too. One small fearful thought can snowball until it encompasses every thought and action. With yoga you learn how to focus on the present moment. You also learn to become aware of your thoughts.

When you’re aware of your thoughts they begin to lose power over you. You can change your thoughts. You can find a positive thought and focus on that. You can find gratitude and focus on that. Yoga teaches very powerful principles that can be embraced in simple ways.

#2 Teaches you to push your limits.

As you progress with yoga you’re going to try new poses. Some of these poses can be very challenging. You’ll be moving out of your mental and physical comfort zone. This is great practice. You can apply the same boundary stretching lessons to your daily life. When you push your own emotional boundaries fear can become less of an issue for you.

#3 Fear management.

One of the core elements of any yoga practice is breathing control. Controlling your breathing helps you control your body and quiet your mind. This can be applied when fear is overtaking you. You can remember to control your breathing and quiet your mind. Thus, you’ll be able to manage your fear.

#4 Yoga Poses for Fear.

There are actually a few poses you can embrace in your yoga practice or when you’re experiencing fear that can help.

Easy Pose – To perform easy pose simply sit cross legged on the floor or your yoga matt. Palms up, rest your hands on your knees. Keep your entire body relaxed. Keep your back straight. Breathe deeply and slowly for a count of seven. Inhale for four and exhale for a count of three. Stay in this position until you feel more calm and focused.

Standing Forward Bend – Stand with your feet a comfortable distance apart. No wider than shoulder distance. Slowly roll down until you’re hanging from the waist. Your head and shoulders, hips and legs should stay relaxed. Breathe through your nose. If your hands reach the floor, great. Let them relax there. If not, consider using a pillow or a bolster to rest them on. You want to be comfortable. Allow your face, neck and back to relax. Continue to hold the pose as you breathe deeply for a minute or two. When ready, slowly roll back up. Take care to not move too quickly after this pose. You may feel a touch lightheaded.

Yoga can help you find your center. It can help you manage fear. It can also help you push past your fears. If you struggle with fear consider starting a yoga practice. You will be amazed at the many benefits yoga provides.

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