If you’re looking to save money on clothes consider swapping. Swapping is simply trading clothing with friends. It allows you to get new clothing and accessories without spending a dime.

In fact, you can host your own swap party and have fun while gaining a whole new wardrobe. Here’s how:

Step #1 Invite your friends and ask them to each invite a few friends. Decide in advance how large you want the party to be. Thirty women can provide an abundance of clothing options however they may not all fit comfortably in your home.

If you want fifteen people at your swap party then invite five. Ask those five to invite three friends. Let everyone know that they’re coming to a swap party. This means if they want to take clothing home with them, they need to bring clothing to trade.

Step #2 Gather the necessary items. You’ll probably want a few full length mirrors so people can try outfits on. You may also want to have bags for people to take items home in. You may need to tag or mark clothing by value.

For example, one blouse may be worth two accessories. Finally, you will want to create some sort of organization system. One simple option is to organize clothing by size and kind. You’ll want some sort of identification system for the sizes. (Note, in the event two people want the same item of clothing you may also want a decision maker. This can be a coin you flip, a magic eight ball or some other deciding factor.)

Step #3 Food!
Because this is a swap party you can certainly ask attendees to bring something to pass. Appetizers are often best. That way people can nibble while they “shop”. And they won’t get too full to try on clothing. You can then focus on serving beverages and cocktails.

Step #4 A Few Extras
You’ll want to make sure there’s good lighting where people are trying on clothing. You’ll also want to provide rooms for people to change. Finally, consider background music. A swap party should be fun. What could be more fun than a little mood music, a few good cocktails and appetizers and lots and lots of clothing?

Before the party starts be sure to explain the ground rules. Make sure everyone agrees on the value of items. You might also create a system where people can simply barter with the owner. For example, “I’ll trade you this pair of boots for that sweater and handbag.” This can get confusing however with fifteen people or more bringing clothing.

Most importantly, have fun. Make sure your guests have fun. Complement each other. Laugh and enjoy the ability to find new clothing without spending a dime.



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