Green living makes us to be in contact with nature. But, does it become difficult when we spend our days working at the office or at home? Is that difficult if we live in a big city without a garden? Here we present you different kinds of plants that work great indoors. Indoor gardening is an enjoyable and amazing activity, try it!

The Areca Pa lm is a great plant for the house or the office. If you live in a polluted city, try to wipe the leaves every day to help the conversion of CO2 to 02. If you have a small garden, you can grow two Arecas. This palm is idea for the living room due to its humidifier properties. Then, every three or four months, you can rotate them from inside to outside. The Snake plant will help you to improve the air quality to a healthy level because this plant works by night converting the CO2. Snake plant is ideal for the bedroom. And, the money plant works efficiently eliminating toxics from the air like the fumes emitted by cigarettes. The last one is suitable for any room and it is a great choice because it removes any volatile chemical in the house.
Obviously, you have to set the plants in areas where the sunlight gets them. Anyway, some plants can do it great if they are set next to a fluorescent bulb. Try to have some space dedicated to the plant and not to stack it between other stuff. You can take advantage of vertical space and tide the pot to the walls or to some strings from the ceiling.

Do not buy a plant if you are not able to maintain it. A plant is like a pet and it needs to be watered and pruned. You can spend some time and research the plan to a better treatment and maintenance. Do not put the plants near to a radiator or a cold draft.  The research about the plant is very important because there are also many eco-design tips you can find. Home design also includes plants and green living. You should choose the most architectural species for the best effect. Eco design at the office supports environmental aims and provides a high and healthy quality of service.

Other plants you can put indoors are the Philodendron, Christmas Cactus, Jade plant, Chinese Evergreen, Croton, Spider plant, Peace Lily, English Ivy or the African Violet. All of these are great ways to add a touch of color, nature and health. 

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