Stress is a common situation which people go through these days. These situations make people be less productive and release hormones like adrenaline.  The adrenaline makes the heart and blood pressure to rise, and he muscles tense up. The digestive and immune systems shut down. All of these shows that stress contributes to heart disease and episodes of panic and bipolar disorder among other.

So, it is time to start a green lifestyle and eliminate the stress from the routine. Here we give you some tips to get away from these critical situations and live a peaceful day to day.  Mental health is also very important to the body. Our body is the first element in a green lifestyle along with the environment and nature. But, it is all the same thing: if we are connecting with nature, we will seek to care about our body and the place where we live and vice versa.

To start a green lifestyle away from stress, you should follow some steps and tips that will keep you happy, healthy and fit. Achieving this will lead you to improve the relationships, to be happier, to get work satisfaction, to increase productivity, to get more energy and improve sleeping, to have more mental clarity and to improve stress relieve. Learning to manage stress is very easy if you are seeking to feel and live better.

Daily stress can cause depression, fatigue, emotional blocks, weight loss, anger or phobias. To start, you should clear the clutter and open the windows to get in contact with nature. Take some time between activities and take a break to recharge. Going for a walk or listening to some quiet music may be very helpful. During this time, clear your mind and do not think about anything. Do not let the stress affect on your diet. Be sure to eat everything you need like vitamin B, iron, phosphorus, proteins and the calories needed per day. Besides, remember to clear you calendar and prepare everything beforehand so you are not stuck with dozen of duties. Here, it is important to learn to say no. If you are full of activities and you are very tired and stressed, do not do thing that are not important or that you do not really feel like doing. Stop and avoid multi-tasking.  Regular exercise is a great way to deal with stress because it increases your body’s endorphins. After that, try some relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga to relax the muscle and the body. Avoid stressful situations and get good sleep. A regular 8 hours sleep is also very important to keep healthy and quiet.

Green living supports that plants are very helpful to reduce stress. Plants clear the air and eliminate toxins and chemicals. They reduce stress and improve your well-being. They also increase the conscience of ecology and keep you busy maintaining them.  The broccoli is a great source of vitamins and the almonds help to reduce blood pressure.  Sweet potatoes can reduce stress because they are rich in beta-carotene and other vitamins and fibers.

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