If you have recently remodeled the interior of your home and made it as green and energy efficient as possible, chances are you will be entertaining the idea of making the backyard greener, as well.

Remodeling the green way when it comes to your backyard is a great way to update your backyard and to help the environment, as well. Many projects will achieve both goals when it comes to having a completely green home, both inside and outside your space.

Grow Your Own Garden

If you are remodeling your backyard, one of the best things to incorporate is your own garden. Have your landscaper designate a plot that is large enough to grow vegetables that will harvest a full bounty.

Growing your own garden not only gives you fresh produce for the summer, but also allows you to have enough bounty for the fall and winter months. From growing your own garden, you can take your green remodeling into the kitchen. Canning and jarring vegetables produced from your own garden will allow your home to be a truly green home.

Use a Compost Bin

Using trash from inside your house will create a green home both inside and outside your home. Eggshells, banana peels, and coffee grinds are exceptional uses for compost bins. Not only will you be making your backyard greener, you will save quite a bit of trash that would normally go into landfills.

Buy a Rain Barrel

If you are interested in going green in your backyard, one of the best ideas is to buy a rain barrel. Letting the rain fill up your rain barrel is a great way to water your garden and your plants. Mother Nature is more than happy to provide enough rain to water your garden and plants, allowing you to alternate between the hose and the rain barrel.

Placing a rain barrel underneath a flow pipe from your gutter system is a great way to fill up that rain barrel in a hurry.

Repurposed Lumber for Your Back Deck

Reclaimed or repurposed wood will give your deck the look and feel of being as close to nature as possible. Reclaimed wood is wood that is salvaged from other materials and repurposed for other resources, such as decking.

Utilizing reclaimed wood from old crates or an old barn or factory will truly make your home and backyard greener than green.

Recycled Furniture

There are a few ways to purchase recycled furniture; one of those is to buy new furniture that utilizes recycled material while another is to find flea market and tag sale furniture and refurbish it yourself. You can sand down older wooden deck chairs that are a little the worse for wear and bring out the natural wood once again. Even glass top tables are easy to resurface with a little ingenuity and creativity along the way.

Some sandpaper and some paint along with some great do-it-yourself project ideas will come in handy for buying and using recycled furniture.

Incorporating these ideas is a great way to make your backyard a little greener.

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