Nespresso, Nestle’s capsule coffee and coffeemaker brand, has chosen George Clooney to expand its sustainability program. The company has created a board that includes members of Fair-trade International, Rainforest Alliance as well as actor George Clooney, who has been the image of the coffee brand for years.

Nestle has been working with this sustainability program for several years now and almost 80% of the coffee they sell comes from it. The program includes 56,000 farmers from Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala and India. The idea of Nespresso is to expand to coffee farmers from Ethiopia and Kenya as well.

“This is a great big company working very hard to help people at the bottom of the chain and this is done because they have their heart in the right place, but it’s also done because it’s good business,” said Clooney.

This new project was not only thought to improve the sales but to bring awareness to people about what they consume and the carbon footprint its manufacturing generates.

Check the last commercial Clooney did for Nespresso.


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