By Santiago Caino

Los Angeles – We sometimes forget how connected music and nature really are.  The way the wind whistles as it passes through a tree or how the birds happily sing their hearts out all day long. And so through music we can connect with nature too.

TreeLiving had the pleasure of seeing Matisyahu perform at the Club Nokia in Los Angeles, CA. The show started s lowly, trying to find that energy flow from performer to crowd and vice versa, and by the third song it did more than that. Matisyahu came with strong vibes that dispersed quickly into the crowd and had them dancing and singing. His new band, Dub Trio, gave a great performance with an electrifying mix of reggae and Dub, while Matisyahu’s singing lifted everyone.

A few songs into the show, Matisyahu is standing on top of a huge speaker looking into the crowd, and without any hesitation, jumps in.  

Matisyahu’s new song “Sunshine” didn’t disappoint, it’s an inspiring song that uses soothing melodies and great beat boxing skills.

The show ended with a bang! For the finale, Matisyahu  invited everyone onstage, or at least as many as would fit (security not very happy by the way) and performed his final song surrounded by fans, hugging and taking pictures.

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