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Environmentalists from Argentina, and from all over the world, can say that they have won a battle against Monsanto. This week, Mayor Juan Jure of Rio Cuarto, Argentina, has rejected the construction of a new plant that was being installed in the city under the name of a local company called Foc Seed.

The opposing efforts from environmentalists, social organizations and neighbors based on the negative impact the plant would have on the environment, as well as a complaint from Foc Seed regarding the illegality of the construction, were crucial to convince Mayor Jure, who announced his decision is final and irrevocable.

Mayor Jure stated: “As the main authority of the city of Rio Cuarto I have rejected the installation of Monsanto, based on the environmental impact studies I read and I have signed a decree that leads all the responsibility of this decision only to me”.

However, this may not be good news for the government of Cordoba, the province where Rio Cuarto is located, since they had signed an agreement with Monsanto some years ago that would allow them to install several plants within the province . The plant would be similar to the one in Malvinas which has generated the most controversy among its neighbors.

In fact, the Malvinas plant has been under a blockade for more than two months now. Now, with the help of members from the Malvinas Environmental group, which uses the motto “Monsanto Out of Argentina”, citizens have filed a criminal complaint against the commission that approved the construction of the plant.

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