For those of us who have ever considered music to be like a drug, The Children’s Cancer Association (CCA) have managed to make this concept a reality benefitting ill children around the globe.

Through a partnership with iTunes, the CCA have been able to raise funds for their program entitled MyMusicRx from online music purchases as well as encourage music education and therapy techniques to enhance the daily activities for the sick kids.

In 1995, the original MusicRx program was launched at two children’s hospitals and has now expanded to more than 20. This program has now extended to the web and more recently, onto Facebook.

Contributors can enjoy buying new music through the iTunes store via where 5% of the sale is donated to help the CCA’s growing efforts to incorporate music as medicine. For people who would like to donate while also updating their status, purchases can be made via the MyMusicRx Facebook.

Other more specific monetary donations can be made (i.e. $10 to gift a musical instrument all the way to $1000 which brings a harp to a dying child’s bedside.)

Such an innovative program is truly unique bringing harmony into the children’s lives by bringing harmony to their ears. Studies on the medical benefits of music have shown that it can help increase specific hormones that aid the body in recovery processes. Similarly, fMRI results have shown increased dopamine in the brain when subjects listened to their favorite pieces of music.

That’s far more than our mothers ever thought the Rolling Stones would do for us.

If you are interested in getting involved, visit to find out more about the program and more about how the purchase of that new Lady Gaga single can help suffering children worldwide.

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