Have you been thinking about making some of your own natural beauty products? Body scrubs are a good way to start. With just a few ingredients from the grocery store or your pantry, you can have your own natural treat to use to renew and refresh your skin in the shower, or to give as a gift. Body scrubs are a luxury, but they’re actually quite easy to make. Here are a few tips and recipes to start with.

Body scrub ingredients for exfoliating
For affordable but effective scrubs, use sugar, salt or oatmeal. For more expensive and luxurious scrubs, use finely ground coffee, almonds or edible seeds. Choose certified organic ingredients if you want to wan to go all out.

Body scrub ingredients for moisturizing
Take a hint from experienced massage therapists and use natural plant-based oils like apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil. If you need to keep your costs low, you can use olive oil or corn oil. Just make sure you don’t use mineral oil, which is petroleum based, since you are making a ‘natural’ body scrub.

Body scrub ingredients for fragrance
Adding a drop or two of aromatherapy oil is the perfect addition. Lavender is relaxing, citrus and eucalyptus are invigorating. Experiment and choose your favorite.

Mixing the body scrub ingredients
Put the dry exfoliating ingredients into your container. Add oil a little bit at a time until you create a paste that is creamy enough to spread around on your skin like a cream. Add a drop or so of your favorite fragrant oil and mix it in thoroughly.

Now you’re ready to enjoy a healthy spa treatment at home, or package your homemade gift in an attractive jar and share it with friends or family. Once you discover how easy they are to make and how good they make you feel, you will create your own favorite recipes.

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