Nick Offerman is encouraging men to put down their razors and help save the planet.

The “Parks and Recreation” actor is teaming up with Budweiser for its “Grow One. Save a Million” campaign, which ask guys to stop shaving in the days leading up to Sunda y’s World Environment Day in order to conserve water. As a lover of both beards and the Earth, I can really get behind this.

“The only thing manlier than growing a big, burly beard is ripping a big, burly beard off of a charging grizzly with your bare hands,” Offerman said in a press release. “That, and saving the planet.”

While I applaud Offerman’s efforts to save water from being wasted and facial hair from being shaved, I fear this campaign will offend those gentleman who, unlike the actor, are physically unable to grow a robust beard.

Article courtesy of Sarah Anne Hughes

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