Electronic waste is a new term that is applied to electronic devices that are no longer wanted because they have been replaced for new devices. With technology and consumerism progressing this fast, we are suddenly swamped with tons of old TVs, cell phones, computers, printers and other old electronics not being used. But don’t just throw old electronic devices away. These devices contain toxic chemicals an d heavy metals that pollute the air, water, soil, and in the long term, your family will also feel the impact of this contamination. In some places, it is illegal to throw electronics away but there are also easy ways to reuse and recycle your old electronic devices in a way that is safer for the planet and everyone around you. It’s not difficult to find a local place to recycle electronic waste. Some places, particularly areas where e-waste is high, have electronic recycling centers, but if not there are generally businesses that will have recycling events or have a permanent recycling program. They are willing to recycle for you because it gets you in the door of the store. If no one recycles e-waste in your area, ask at local electronic stores if they recycle or if they know who does. If you find a place that recycles, however, be sure of what they do with it. Do they really recycle? Some companies claim to recycle electronic devices but just ship the devices overseas to be thrown in landfills in other countries. This will harm the environment as much as if you throw it in a landfill where you live, not to mention that it will also harm the people that live there. Be sure to look into the place to make sure that they really recycle your old stuff. On the other hand, if you don’t want to just recycle you electronic devices, another good option is to sell them or donate them to a charity. Many charities will recycle it so that they can use the money to support a cause –usually environmental. Besides, some devices may not be the newest but they still work and someone may need it but can’t afford it. Old TVs can be used by people in need, and computers taken apart for parts. You can research these organizations on the internet. Each one of us has a responsibility with the environment. By taking a bit of extra time to recycle your old electronics responsibly, you’ll be doing the Earth a lot of good, can help someone, and might make a little money in the process.

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