Well, the holidays certainly are a busy time of year, what with the decorating, baking, cooking, shopping, and wrapping. In addition, with all of that comes the mess that needs cleaning up, as well.

When it comes to holidays, there is much to do; however, after the holiday, the clean up needs just as much, if not more attention. After you have cleaned up from the holidays, it is time to think about how to reduce waste through it all.

There are many ways to reduce waste after the holidays.

Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse

The first and most important step to reduce waste after the holidays is to recycle, repurpose, and reuse anything and everything you can. A little inventory goes a long way. First start by taking inventory of what you have left.

One of the best ideas is to look at those scraps of wrapping paper. Did you know that you could save those and use them as gift tags or cards for the following year? If you take a few minutes to cut up some small pieces of that wrapping paper into squares, you will have enough gift cards or tags for years to come.

Sometimes ribbons and bows are recyclable, as well. Anything that came in a cardboard box is worth saving because you may be able to use those boxes to send care packages to a college student throughout the year or a birthday gift to someone far away later on in the year.

Next, take a look at what is not reusable and what is recyclable. If you cannot think of a craft or hobby that you would need those rolls of tubing from gift-wrap for, then put them in the appropriate recycle receptacle.

If you received cookies as a hostess gift that came in a reusable tin, use that for storing those gift tags, tapes, and bows. Or, make a promise to yourself that next year you will bake and give out cookies as gifts using those tins.

The Christmas Tree

If you had a nice green tree that is now ready to leave the family home, consider disposing of it the green way.

There are many ways to recycle a Christmas tree. First, there is the option of using it for compost. Next, there is the option of having your local town pick it up and make it into wood chips. It can also be used for decorative landscaping material.

Call your local town and see what options they offer other than just placing it at the curb.

As you can see, there are many ways to reduce waste after a hectic and busy holiday season.

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