For centuries, many cultures knew about the healing properties of all different types of teas. Not only did tea provide a warm, soothing, and refreshing brew for the taste buds, but it also offered healing and medicinal properties, as well.

The Health Benefits of Tea

The Immune System – While certain types of tea are of benefit to certain areas of the body, benefiting the immune system is one of the most important. Many varieties of teas have an abundance of antioxidant components in them. Antioxidants are well known for fighting disease and boosting the immune system. Certain viruses and bacterial infections are found less in those who drink tea than in those who tend to lean more toward coffee.

Cancer – Drinking tea, according to the suggestion of recent studies, is one way to keep cancer minimized. Drinking tea seems to be warding off those free radicals that can lead to cancer.

Cardiovascular Disease

While many think that cancer is the number one killer in the world, cardiovascular diseases lead the race. Tea drinkers are less apt to have cardiovascular disease, as studies are beginning to show that tea is high in antioxidants, while it also increases blood flow to the arteries. Increased blood flow means less blood clots. Another benefit of drinking tea is that it reduces blood pressure, which is the perfect way to avoid increased risk of heart disease.

Aiding in Weight Loss

Drinking tea is showing to assist in weight loss. Drinking tea apparently boosts metabolism. If you drink at least six cups per day (of course, without adding flavored creamer and sugar), your metabolism will increase, thereby aiding in weight loss.
Weight loss also boosts your immune system in that it can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol, and make for a healthier heart.


Tea comes in so many varieties such as black, green, white, oolong, herbal, chamomile; it is hard to name them all.

If you enjoy a cup of tea, you can rest assured that you will never run out of options or combinations to make you smile. The great thing about a good cup of tea is also the fact that you can add healthy ingredients, as well. Lemon, lime, honey, and even cinnamon are great and healthy additives to your daily intake of tea.


While tea has a host of health benefits, and a variety of tastes and ingredients you can add, tea is also great as a social function. Tea parties, believe it or not, are coming back into vogue these days. With everyone health conscious, environmentally conscious, and feeling overworked and overstressed, gathering for teatime is a pleasurable and soothing event, indeed.

So for good health, variety, and socialization, drinking tea is relaxing, healthy, and plain old fun.

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