Moms are notorious for spending all of their energy and attention on the care of others. Add a full or part time job into the equation and it’s easy to get completely exhausted.

Yet when you neglect yourself, you’re unable to give your all to others. You lose energy, motivation and enthusiasm. Self help is important for your physical and mental well being.

< p>Self Help Tips You Can Use Today

#1 Change your shower routine. This may take a bit of getting used to. Instead of taking a shower in the morning, take a hot bath at night. You’ll gain a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning. You’ll also gain a luxurious ritual you can look forward to all day. Add nice touches to your bath to make it extra luxurious. For example, lavender oil and bath salts in the tub. Candlelight and soothing music are effective too.

#2 Laugh. What makes you laugh? A friend? A funny website? A good book? A television show? Laughter is good for the spirit. And the truth is adults laugh far less than children do. Laughing helps you manage stress. It reminds you about the joy in the world. And it can keep a smile on your face for days. Do something that makes you laugh every day.

#3 Let it go. Are you simply expecting too much from yourself? Your home doesn’t need to be perfectly clean all the time. You don’t need to prepare a home cooked meal every night. And your child doesn’t need to participate in every activity they want to. You can say no and let it go. You’re only one person and you deserve a break. Lighten up on yourself and let go of the perfection.

#4 Ask for help. Everyone needs a little help sometimes. If you’re accustomed to doing everything yourself you can certainly benefit from a little outside assistance. Ask friends and neighbors for help. See if you can trade child care, carpool or even band together to assist with errands and household chores.

#5 Meditate. Meditation doesn’t have to take more time from your day. In fact, most meditation experts recommend starting with only five minutes a day. First thing in the morning, meditate. It’ll help you start your day with a calm attitude and the ability to handle any challenges that come your way.

#6 Exercise. Exercise is important for your physical and mental well being. Something as simple as a walk during lunchtime can help. You’ll gain energy, perspective and a sense of direction. A new dance class, kickboxing, or fitness program can be fun too.

#7 Take time away. Occasionally take time away from your responsibilities. Enjoy a night out with your spouse or friends. Time away from your responsibilities will help you come back to them with renewed energy.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed and overworked. There are many strategies you can take to take better care of yourself. Ask for help, let some of the perfection go and remember to take great care of yourself. You’re too important to put yourself and your needs last.

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