More and more people are into green living from eating organic foods to using eco-friendly products and appliances. If you have shifted to this kind of living, why not try to live in a “green home”. Having a green home doesn’t mean living in a house made of recycled plastic bottles but a house that is health ier and more efficient while maintaining a friendly relationship with Mother Nature.

Remodeling an old or existing abode is one of the cheapest ways to live in a green house. New green homes are expensive especially if you talk about the materials used. But by remodeling your current home, you can have a cost-saving and environmentally-friendly house. If you have the goal to incorporate green ideas to your home project but you certainly lack the funds, then do it in small ways.

Repainting jobs
One of quickest remodeling ideas is to repaint your house. When you repaint, you instantly give your house a different look or create a new theme. To go green, use paints that are earth-friendly and non-toxic. These paints do not have strong odors so you can even paint while your kids are in the other room. You can also stay in your newly repainted room right after it dries up. Some can also absorb bacteria and other harmful elements from the air. These paints are widely available in most hardware stores and do not cost too high than the usual paints.

Replacing old appliances and other fixtures
If you can’t afford solar panels or those energy-saving insulators, you can still save from your energy consumption by using the right appliances. Change all your lightning fixtures to incandescent lights that can save up to 60% of energy. There are energy-saving appliances from refrigerators to air conditioners so look for those energy-saving logos when shopping for these items. Change your old bulky televisions to Led TVs; not only they look sleek and modern but they consume less energy. You can also change your shower heads and faucets to those with lesser flow to save water.

Recycling Materials
Want to be creative while going green? Recycle and use old things in your remodeling projects instead of throwing them. If there are available old timbers, use them. Instead of throwing broken glass, ceramic and tile pieces, press them in cement and create mosaics for your outdoor flooring. Old pots or broken vases can be used as pots for your plants – you will instantly create an exotic garden! You can also have accent pieces from old items. You can remodel your kids’ rooms by using recyclable materials. You can also encourage them to create their own pieces as decorations.

Change Old Habits
More than buying eco-friendly products and gadgets, one of the most effective ways to create a green environment is to change our old habits. Unplug appliances since they will still consume 10% of power even when turned off. When cleaning, you don’t have to use those cleaners with hard chemicals, water mixed with vinegar and baking soda can remove molds and other toilet stains. Iron clothes in bulk to conserve energy. During summer, take advantage of the sun to dry your clothes. Minimize using appliances that require heat since they consume more energy.
The ideas are endless. Research and you will have more ideas on what to replace and do for your DIY green remodeling.

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