Green living is growing year by year and parents have started to set the example. It is the perfect time in the year to take the initiative and start the school year with responsibility and eco-conscience. When  children and teenager back to school, it is an obvious time to shopping and to prepare all the stuff they will need during the year. Going green is a little contribut ion that every parent can do and it is very easy!

Shop with intelligence and conscience is very important because our world is suffering a lot of environmental issues, so a little help from each one makes the difference. There are many places and websites that help us to buy eco-friendly school supplies; that is why it is easy. For example, you can start purchasing the necessary things and please, do not over shop. Before putting something on the chart, ask yourself: Do I really need this? Then, make a list and follow our simple steps to buy smarter and ecologically.

Another important step is to sit at home with children and talk with them about environmental issues and the reason they have to reduce waste. So, why not buy second hand or used things? To reduce waste, many people do garden sales and there are many shops where you can find these products. While buying clothes for school, be sure the garments are eco-friendly. Yes, eco-friendly clothes made of renewable materials that can be easily recycled and which are not contaminating. For instance, you can purchase t-shirts and sweaters made of 100% organic cotton. Buy used books to reduce the paper production and the wastes and pollution it means.

Lunchtime can also be green. Try not to collaborate to increase the statistics but to reduce them: a student produces 30 kg of waste per school year. Keep away from plastic bags, aluminum foils, disposable napkins or over-packaged foods. Buy to your kids some re-usable lunch bags and drink bottles. Also, take advantage of this back to school and prepare vegan and healthy food to keep them fit and happy. Regarding pencils, notebooks and pens, you can go green too. Buy vegetal pencils and organic pens to protect the world. Also, you should be sure you are buying an organic paper notebook for them.

Finally, encourage your children to go by walking or bike to reduce the CO2 pollution and the toxic fumes that vehicles emit. If there is a long distance, consider to take a bus to reduce the levels of pollution per person. Last, but not least, be green all year round. You can find tips to go green in everything. They are easy and you will feel better doing a good thing to the place where we live.

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