Here at EarthTechling, we’ve featured plenty of solar chargers designed to help keep your laptop charged up and ready to go. But a computer that provides its own juice, via solar power? That’s a first.

The Luce PC laptop concept design by Andrea Pont of Pennsylvania, makes use of two solar panels–one on the top of the computer and one under the touch-keyboard. These provide power for continuous recharging during the day, in both stand-by and in-use mode. (No word on whether it would also come equipped with your standard AC adaptor plug for night-time use, but the slim profile of this laptop doesn’t seem to allow much room for bulky batteries.)

The designer’s aim with the Luce concept was not merely to inspire longing on the part of the eco-tech loving public, but rather to point major brands and manufacturers in the direction of the electronics of the future–those that generate their own power.

Article Courtesy of: Susan DeFreitas
Image via Andrea Pont

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