By TreeLiving Do you care for energy conservation? A little effort on your part can go a long way to save the planet. Here are some eco tech gadgets that you can invest in and which can help reduce your bills too! 1) Water Powered Clock – This time ticker does not need those alkaline batteries because it runs on water! It helps to cut down tonnes of waste caused by disposal of exhausted batteries. 2) Ec o TV – Eco friendly LCDs do exist and the typical feature of this eco tech gadget is that is dims the lights whenever it detects dimming of environmental lights. So it uses less power in darker rooms than regular LCDs. 3) Solar Backpack – Like hiking? An off grid charger that attaches itself to any backpack can be a good choice for trekking enthusiasts. A Solar Backpack has special solar panels attached to the back. The little cells charge up while you walk and then let you recharge your mobile phone or iPad when you are at your destination after hours of walking. 4) Battery BOS – If you love cycling, this eco tech gadget is for you! Just attach Battery BOS to your bicycle and it gets recharged when you pedal. After this, you can use this gadget to charge your cell phone and save on actual power consumption. 5) TS 02 + Mic Earphones – Music lovers will like these eco friendly earphones. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry, these are made of wood – a very good sound resonator – so sound quality is excellent! 6) Hybrid Desktops – Well known brands have launched eco friendly desktop computers – these use energy efficient Intel Core Duo Processors, contain 75% less written documentation than other desktops and come packed in recyclable boxes. 7) Wooden iPod Speakers – These eco tech speakers for iPods and iPhones are made with handcrafted wood veneer that comes from sustainable plantation sources. They are entirely free of environmentally hazardous materials like lead, cadmium and chemical-based adhesives. 8) Surge-protecting Power Strip – The integrated LCD of this power strip shows voltage, kilowatt-hours, and leakage current used by connected electronics and appliances. Recording the highest and lowest values, it allows you to keep an eye on inefficient appliances. 9) Generator Laptop Bag – This laptop bag uses solar panels to soak up sun and stores it in an outboard battery. This eco tech bag generates enough power to charge your laptop using only a day's worth of sunlight. This bag can also charge mobile phones and MP3 players via the included adapters, USB port or integrated 12-volt car charger. 10) Eco Friendly USB Drive – Made from a bamboo veneer, it turns on only when your computer is powered up, and therefore uses up to 90% less electricity than conventional hard drives. Also, the recycled aluminium enclosure dissipates heat from the Energy Star-­compliant power supply to conserve energy and eliminate the need for noisy cooling fans. Green techies out there…these are the must haves for the new eco tech generation!

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